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Stößer Sawmill gearing up for the future
Stößer Sawmill gearing up for the future

The long-established company Stößer based in Bühl-Vimbuch near Baden-Baden (BW) used to work with a relatively small, manually loaded resaw. This old resaw that was supplied with material from an existing frame saw was to be replaced by a modern resawing line.


The first talks between Stößer and PAUL took place in summer 2017. The management of Stößer became quickly convinced of the benefits of the PAUL SGL resaw combined with an SAB infeed system. It was certainly of great advantage that reference installations could be inspected. After all, this concept has managed to win over a number of customers in recent years. The new system was installed on schedule during the 2018 summer holiday. The floor space available for such a system was, however, limited. In addition, a sprinkler system and the connection to existing handling components and waste wood disposal facilities had to be taken into consideration.


The new PAUL system is designed for the selective ripping of workpieces of max. 7 m in length, max. 700 mm in width and 3 – 22.5 cm in thickness into four variable width strips. The main species processed are Larch, Douglas Fir, Spruce and Pine. From the very beginning, Stößer has attached great importance to creating a modern workplace for its personnel. According to Stößer, it is extremely difficult to find and retain qualified staff in the industry. Therefore the system was equipped with a modern operator’s cabin and chair. The workpieces are convenient to align and turn over on the infeed system from the operator’s cabin. Long slabs can be cut to length on a slab cross-cut saw downstream from the climb-cutting SGL ripsaw. An automatic offcut separator separates slabs from the main products.


The installation of the new system has significantly increased flexibility, productivity and ease of operation whilst substantially reducing set-up costs and workpiece handling effort.