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Timber Optimization on the Next Level
Timber Optimization on the Next LevelC11_SCAN_DUO cross-cut system with buffer stations, PAUL Wood Scanning System, two cutting stations of the C11 model series and two sorting belts

Fully automatic heavy-duty lines are increasingly playing a decisive role in timber industry. This is also the case with a South American furniture manufacturer who has specialized in the production of pine furniture. By using the scanner system C11_SCAN_DUO it was possible to considerably increase not only the efficiency, but primarily the material yield of this manufacturer. Already during the project planning phase the focus was on a particularly efficient and profitable solution for the entire process chain of the solid wood processing line, in conjunction with a high material throughput and maximum added value.

With this application, the further developed PAUL Wood Scanning System gives proof of its entire performance. In addition to the usual defects and timber characteristics the system also identifies minor shakes, resin galls, blue stain, brown rot and a lot more. These surface structures are very valuable for the automatic classification and quality evaluation. At a scanning speed of 3 m/s and using colour cameras, line lasers, point lasers as well as a sophisticated software package, the Wood Scanning System detects all geometric deviations and timber characteristics and then calculates the best possible optimizing result. This ensures a maximization of added value at maximum capacity. By means of the user-friendly software, the operator can very easily change system settings and define the defects to be identified. Statistical data provide information on the production process as well as a full overview of the material to be processed. The system distinguishes all defects, depending on type, size, diameter, area and position and from this the user defines “products“ according to quality, price, number of pieces and further criteria. The scanner transmits the information calculated for cutting and sorting of the workpieces to the optimizing cross-cut saw.

Due to the newly designed housing of the Wood Scanning System all important components are even better accessible, which considerably increases the user friendliness and ease of servicing.

To increase the capacity of the C11 cross-cut system, PAUL has completely revised the feed drive which is consisting of highly dynamic and maintenance-free servomotors. In addition, this powerful machine is provided with a maintenance-free heavy-duty toothed belt as well as a new saw rocker. For many years, the model C11 has been standing for highest reliability, accuracy as well as absolute user friendliness and ease of maintenance. Depending on the customer requirements, the following sorting system can be completed by further handling equipment, auto stackers or robots to form a fully automated line. One has thus created a tailor-made solution for a reliable production process when producing pine furniture.