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New Panel Saw For The Production Of Light-Weight Panels
New Panel Saw For The Production Of Light-Weight PanelsEgger is producing the lightweight panels, among others, using a K34G-OU multirip saw from Paul at the site St. Johann in Tyrol (Austria)

At the site St. Johann in Tyrol (Austria), the company Fritz Egger GmbH & Co. OG, specialist for the production of wood composite panels, is manufacturing Eurolight lightweight panels, a veritable innovation in the field of pallet packaging. The lightweight panels are composed of two deck layers made of particle board, each five millimeters in thickness, and a very robust middle layer made of cardboard honeycomb. This makes the product very stable, in spite of its low weight, and supports the contemporary sustainability by means of resource conservation, waste avoidance, recycling und reduction of CO2 emissions.

As standard, the lightweight panels are available with a length of 780 mm and 2020 mm and they have two outer braces for the strapping as well as an additional cross brace for stabilization (in the case of composite panels of 2020 mm in length). First of all the composite panels are produced in widths of up to 1200 mm and then ripped into strips as they are passing through the machine. So far, Egger has successfully used a multirip saw from Paul Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG in Dürmentingen (Germany), which has now reached its efficiency level. To extend the product range from lightweight panels of 80 mm to up to 100 mm in thickness, Egger replaced this machine by a double-shaft machine. Due to their positive experience they decided to go for a machine from Paul again.

The new multirip saw type K34G-OU is equipped with a top and a bottom saw shaft. Both saw shafts are adjustable in height and provided with a fixed saw setup. The minimum workpiece length of 600 mm was a major argument for the purchase decision, as this cannot be obtained by comparable roller machines with a cutting height of 100 mm. Egger’s maximum workpiece length is 2800 mm, however, using the K34G-OU one can also realize panels of more than ten meters in length. With a driving power of 90 kW per shaft, the machine reaches a considerably higher feed speed than its predecessor. Only one saw shaft is used with cutting heights of up to 50 mm, which reduces energy consumption, thus making production more efficient. As an alternative, the saw shafts can also be equipped with grooving tools. Paper dust is another challenge when cutting the cardboard honeycomb, as this may accumulate in the saw kerf. Egger faced this problem by means of an in-house developed blowing and cleaning unit.

When replacing the multirip saw, the existing sawing line had to be slightly adjusted, since the new machine with the second saw shaft is a little longer. The cooperation between Egger and Paul went so well that the line resumed operation already after a short time. Egger was able to sell the old multirip saw on the second-hand market already before delivery of its successor. This is another proof of the high quality and recoverability of the machines made by Paul.