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Strong Performance of a Multirip Circular Saw
Strong Performance of a Multirip Circular SawThe multirip saw with extended saw shaft on which the 56 grooving tools and two edge hoggers are mounted.

A leading manufacturer of cladding panels upgraded its machinery with the most powerful M34 multirip circular saw ever built by Paul Maschinenfabrik (Dürmentingen/Germany). This machine is used for grooving fiber cement panels and calibrating the width at both edges. Due to the large amount of grooves and the very hard panel property (density 1800 kg/m³), a correspondingly large motor power is required. For this purpose, Paul has increased the standard motor power (90 kW) of the M34 by about 220 percent to 200 kW.

Panel saws for ripping and grooving different materials in throughfeed are available from the machine manufacturer Paul in many designs, depending on the application: with passage widths from 800 to 3000 millimeters, with one or two saw shafts, with flexible saw blades or numerous special solutions. In this application, the challenge was to reliably get the high power onto a saw shaft with 56 grooving tools and two edge hoggers. Due to the machining forces, an enormous load was to be expected. Paul's designers adapted the supports, bearings, belts and the saw rocker to the enormous forces and built this technology into an M34 machine frame. "From the outside, the machine appears to be a standard M34, but in reality it hides a powerhouse," Lothar Peschel, responsible for the sale of Paul multirip circular saws, is convinced. At the customer's request, Paul installed a frequency converter including energy recovery on the machine, which brought various advantages: Energy saving, lower load for mechanical system and mains supply as well as active speed reduction until the machine comes to a standstill.

Cladding made of fiber cement is valued for its durability and naturalness. The basic material on the Paul multirip circular saw has a maximum length of 3100, a width of 1280 and a thickness of 11 milimeters. These panels are provided with 56 grooves at 4500 revolutions per minute. The tolerance of the 12 mm wide grooves is only 0.1 mm. This creates the typical appearance of the cladding. For better utilisation of the machine, in addition to grooving panels, the cladding manufacturer also wants to rip panels with a thickness of up to 45 mm into strips. He then replaces the complete saw shaft with the grooving tools by a shaft with 38 saw blades. This can be done quickly and easily, and the downtime is short.

With this project, the machine manufacturer Paul once again demonstrates its flexibility in project planning, design and manufacture of multirip circular saws. "We are not just building off-the-shelf panel saws, but also want to help our customers with their special applications," says Lothar Peschel.