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Fourteen Optimizing Cross-Cut Systems Model C11 for a Satisfied Customer
Fourteen Optimizing Cross-Cut Systems Model C11 for a Satisfied CustomerA factory building full of optimizing cross-cut saws from Paul.

Firstwood Company Ltd., based in Vietnam, is a manufacturer of dining room furniture and chests of drawers for the American market and an enthusiastic user of Paul optimizing cross-cut systems. The cooperation between Firstwood and Paul began in 2020, when the Vietnamese company invested in a second-hand optimizing cross-cut system from the South German machine manufacturer. Due to the positive experience Firstwood had with this circular sawing machine in terms of availability, reliability, user-friendliness and material savings, the company wanted to gradually replace its manual under-table cross-cut saws with C11_MKL optimizing cross-cut saws from Paul and ordered three more new cross-cut saws of this type in the same year.

"The C11_MKL is a cross-cut trim saw for small to medium cross sections with a separate measuring station where the workpiece length and the manually marked wood features are precisely detected before the cross-cutting process," explains Michael Brosy, Sales Manager at Paul. The MAXI 8 control system uses this data to calculate the optimum cutting result on the basis of stored cutting lists. The compact C11 series machine is designed for a long service life and guarantees accurate and clean saw cuts at a high cycle rate. It can be expanded by modular upgrades to a high-performance system with automatic defect detection and powerful handling equipment. As an option, the quality-overlapping value optimization maximizes added value and yield.

According to the owner, Scott Luu, the use of the optimizing cross-cut systems has minimized waste by a double-digit amount, which means that with the current timber prices and the current sales input, the acquisition costs have already paid for themselves after just a few months. Moreover, he is very satisfied with the response times, the good support and the service quality of the local dealer Truong Hung Machinery, which is based about an hour's drive from Firstwood. "My employees thought I was crazy when I told them that I wanted to buy ten optimizing cross-cut systems at once. For me, however, this was the only right decision after the experiences I had with the first cross-cut systems from Paul," says the satisfied customer.

After the delivery of these ten cross-cut saws, Firstwood recently invested in a fourteenth optimizing cross-cut system, so that the Vietnamese company now cuts all the material for its furniture production with its systems from Paul. Firstwood Company Ltd. with its 1000 employees can proudly call itself the operating company with the most type C11_MKL optimizing cross-cut systems. Scott Luu's beaming smile says a lot when he thinks back to the purchase of his machinery: “I am so happy”.