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Sizing, Profiling and Ripping of Heraklith wood wool panels
Sizing, Profiling and Ripping of Heraklith wood wool panelsThe highly flexible PAUL K34 Multirip Circular Saw can be suited to a variety of applications, such as ripping and chamfering of Heraklith wood wool panels.

Ripping, profiling and sizing are a speciality of PAUL Multirip Saws. Their applications not only cover wood-based materials, such as particle board, plywood or fibreboard, but also plastics, insulating material, cement-bonded particle board, composite materials and many more. Saw shafts with hydraulic vertical adjustment and precise setting possibilities guarantee accurate profiles across the full workpiece width. The feed system which has proven successful on well over thousand occasions, combined with various guiding devices, ensures the user a first-class cutting quality. The straightness tolerance of the strips and profiles produced is kept to a few tenths of a millimeter.

The wood wool panel processing line recently supplied by PAUL comprises a chain conveyor buffering the incoming panel stacks. The 2,420 mm long and 610 mm wide workpieces are singulated on a lift table that is combined with a panel feeder. The following inclined roller conveyor feeds the panels along a fence into a sanding machine to obtain an exact calibration of the material thickness. The feed control of the complete line is effected by a central PLC. Empty pallets are transferred, prior to sanding, to a roller-bar table for manual removal or by a forklift truck. After the sanding operation the panels feed into the first model K34G/800 multirip saw where they are edged to accurate size and chamfered. The cardan feed drive system ensures precise workpiece guidance even with structured surfaces.

To take appropriate account of the customer’s space constraints and requirements, the transfer of the workpieces from the first to the second multirip saw has been realized by a sophisticated handling system eliminating the need for a right-angle transfer unit. It turns the workpieces through 90 degrees and takes them into a K34G/2600 multirip saw for ripping them into four pieces and again providing their cut edges with a chamfer. A downstream turn-over device upturns the profiled face before the products are removed manually for the last visual inspection prior to packaging.

The system processes approx. 5 incoming panels per minute. At a finished product size of 595 mm x 595 mm this gives 20 pieces per minute or approx. 8,000 pieces per shift, i.e. an area of approx. 2,800 square meters.