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Circular Edger For Hardwood Processing
Circular Edger For Hardwood ProcessingKME2 circular edger with automatic offcut separator.

As a specialist for hardwood, Wagener sawmill in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia (50 km to the west of Dortmund) has already been offering sawn timber for the craft sector, the woodworking industry as well as the wholesale and retail trade in Germany and all over the world since 1924. This sawmill is thus looking back on even more experience than its supplier of the new circular edger, Paul Maschinenfabrik. After having counted on foreign machines for several years, after LIGNA 2015, Wagener took the decision to invest in the very economic high-quality circular edger KME2 of Paul.

Since commissioning of the line the customer has mainly been edging green oak boards coming directly from a band saw, automatically removing offcuts and then automatically stacking the boards into packs. The complete line is operated by only one worker.

Great importance has been attached to ergonomics and user friendliness when designing the line. It should offer the possibility of programming and easily selecting fixed widths. Therefore the system is fitted with the frequently proven MAXIRIP CNC control with joystick and touch screen. Furthermore an infeed pinch roller has been installed to relieve the workload of the operator in the best possible way. Due to the integrated offcut separator wane is automatically separated and fed to the residual timber processing equipment. Edged material is measured in width and length and run through the saw without edging. The control is saving collected data in extensive statistics which can be evaluated very conveniently at the office via network.

At the end of the line there are two automatic stacking machines of Sicko in Zaisenhausen near Heilbronn. In addition to the automatic placing of stacking sticks which are fed from a flat buffer the outstanding feature of these machines is the stacking of varying widths with a selectable distance between the boards in one layer. This air gap stacking as well as the placing of sticks accurate to the very last millimeter at a spacing of 400 mm is considerably reducing the length of stay in the dry kiln.

With this modern and high-quality system Wagener is preparing for the future so as to remain successful on the market in the long term.