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Automatic rip and cross-cut system for the production of thick veneers presented
Automatic rip and cross-cut system for the production of thick veneers presented[Translate to English:] Zuschnittanlage zur Herstellung von Starkfurnieren bestehend aus einer Werkstückaufgabe mit Puffer (1), einer Winkelübergabe mit Auszugsstation (2), einer automatischen Werkstückbeurteilung (3), einer Winkelübergabe (4/9), einem Pufferriemenförderer (5), einer automatischen Beschickung AB920_SPOT (6), einer Auftrennkreissäge K34GV/800 (7), einem automatischen Spreißelabscheider (8), einer Krümmungsvermessung (10), einer Optimierungskappanlage RAPID (11), einem manuellen Sortierband (12), einer automatischen Sortieranlage mit 16 Stapelboxen (13) und aus mehreren Abfallbändern (14).

A major focus at the expo will be a rip and cross-cut system for the production of thick veneers, comprising a K34GV/800 ripsaw and a RAPID cross-cut system. Both machines are supplied with optimization data from a common in-line scanner. A unique infeed system (AB920_SPOT) detects the position of the laterally incoming workpieces in real time regardless of the wane, automatically aligns them according to the optimization results from the scanner and feeds them into the ripsaw. This complex system impressively demonstrates the efficiency and expertise of the South German machinery manufacturer in the system engineering, automation and control technologies and is intended to secure the customer’s competitiveness for the future.

Another important topic at the expo will be the optimized packaging production, for which the German Association for Wood Packaging Materials, Pallets, Export Packaging (HPE) has announced its presence and specialist lecture. For this special application PAUL has developed the SlimLine Formatic of the Reinhardt brand of which several machines are already in use. This optimizing cross-cut system features an automatic push-feeder for positioning the workpieces with highest precision and an integrated rip saw for cross-cutting and ripping in a single pass which is not only advantageous to the production of closed-deck packaging elements.