Paletti Office

In the age of industry 4.0, state-of-the-art production is more than just a machine. The production process already starts in the office with the optimal planning and networking of merchandise management systems and machines. With Paletti Office we offer software tailored to your production which supports you in your material and production planning and optimizes your yield based on your inventories.

Slab Cross-Cut Saw

Particularly in the production of construction timber it is sometimes necessary to rip long workpieces. This also generates long slabs which may lead to malfunctions in the residual wood disposal or further process flow. With the slab cross-cut saw specifically developed by PAUL, long slabs can already be cut to length during the ripping process thus greatly simplifying workpiece handling.

Slab Extractor

Even the most efficient machine does not help if material jams interfere with the process flow. Especially thick slabs may cause such incidents. This is the reason why we at PAUL have developed special slab extractors ensuring the trouble-free removal of slabs from our circular resaws.

Offcut Separator

The automatic separation of edged products from the waney edges will enhance the downstream processing operations. Depending on the ripping pattern, i.e. number of finished boards to be produced, we offer the appropriate handling system. If required, remaining pieces to be re-run can, of course, also be fully automatically returned to the infeed side of the ripsaw.

Sawdust shaker

The PAUL sawdust shakers are ideal for separating small splinters from sawdust. These were specifically designed for use on PAUL ripsaws, but can also be combined with other makes.

Waste Belts

PAUL offers a variety of customizable disposal belts that are suited to the machine types concerned. The disposal systems from PAUL can also be combined with machines of other brands.

MAXI 8 Control

PAUL has a long tradition of developing control systems. The many years of experience and PAUL’s flexibility in meeting individual customer requests have resulted in highly user friendly and versatile CNC controls. The so-called MAXI controls operating under LINUX offer a multitude of benefits:

  • Real-time capability
  • High computing speed
  • Multi-tasking capability
  • Stability of the operating system
  • Flexibility