Feeding / Singling

Automatic Infeed System AB920

Optimum performance combined with maximum material yield and profit maximization is the objective of an automatic feeding system. In combination with different PAUL ripsaws, it is possible to develop a suitable solution for every requirement. Especially in the sawmilling industry an automated complete solution nowadays plays an increasingly important role. With rising raw material prices and large purchase quantities of the raw material wood, it must be ensured that storage times are reduced and throughput times increased. Automatic feeding systems improve the material flow and ensure an optimum timber yield.

Infeed System AB-MA_EXT

The AB-MA_EXT was specifically designed for the optimized feeding of high-grade timber. In combination with PAUL ripsaws, these systems can be operated either fully automatically or with manual intervention. The workpieces are first measured automatically. By means of laser lines it is then indicated to the operator where cutting will be effected. If he does not agree to the cutting pattern suggested, he can easily adjust it from his seat using a joystick.

SAB Semi-Automatic Infeed system

In times of ever-increasing performance requirements and the ever-increasing demand for maximum operating convenience in the sawmill, PAUL has developed the so-called semi-automatic infeed system (SAB). The operator can feed the workpieces into the ripsaw, align and, if necessary, turn them from his seat using a joystick. This convenient mode of operation increases the performance of the system and helps maintain a high work morale in the 21st century.

Alignment Aid

Hydraulically lifting alignment chains and transverse roller bars can be optionally integrated into the infeed table. This greatly simplifies the handling and alignment of heavy workpieces in the sawmill before the edger / resaw.

S-shaped singling device

For singling square-edged or unedged boards one can use an S-shaped singling device or an arc-shaped singling device. In addition to the singling function, the S-shaped singling device also serves as a buffer.

Cross conveyor with cross-cut trim saw, slab disposal flap, turning device and alignment roller conveyor

Move crooked workpieces (turning, ejecting, prealigning) or cut tapering slab ends comfortably in the operator cabin. These functions are intuitively controlled from the seat via joystick. The system is designed for both boards and heavy cants and can be individually adapted by us to meet customer requirements. We replace the laborious manipulation of the workpieces in a dusty working environment with a modern workplace, a good argument for new employees in sawmills.

Automatic Panel Feeding System

Automatic panel feeding systems are primarily used for the fully automatic loading of multirip circular saws. The complete panel stacks are transferred to the system where the panels are pushed off one at a time by an automatic pusher, automatically aligned and fed into the multirip saw. Thanks to the automated workflow, manpower costs are drastically reduced.

Camera Alignment System

Special alignment systems using cameras recognize specific reference characteristics. The workpieces are automatically aligned with these references ensuring that glued-on veneer layers are ripped parallel to the longitudinal edge of laminate flooring panels

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