MAXI 8 Control

PAUL has a long tradition of developing control systems. The many years of experience and PAUL’s flexibility in meeting individual customer requests have resulted in highly user friendly and versatile CNC controls. The so-called MAXI controls operating under LINUX offer a multitude of benefits:

  • Real-time capability
  • High computing speed
  • Multi-tasking capability
  • Stability of the operating system
  • Flexibility

Paletti Office

In the age of industry 4.0, state-of-the-art production is more than just a machine. The production process already starts in the office with the optimal planning and networking of merchandise management systems and machines. With Paletti Office we offer software tailored to your production which supports you in your material and production planning and optimizes your yield based on your inventories.

PAUL Wood Scanning System

The PAUL Wood Scanning System offers all the capabilities of a top-end scanner at a very competitive price level. This cost-effective solution is achieved through a unique single-camera solution delivering full performance multi-sensor data where other scanners need many cameras.

Paul Auto Stacker for single workpieces

We develop stackers for the automated stacking of workpieces and use on the outfeed side of cross-cut systems. They can be employed for order picking, temporary storage or preparation of the cut pieces for transport. The cut pieces are pushed from the sorting belt onto the stacker, arranged in layers and deposited on pallets or alike. An optional stick magazine places stabilization sticks after every preset number of layers.

Paul ZSA automatic stacker for boards

The ZSA automatic stacker is suitable for stacking boards of different lengths in layers. With the stick magazine, which is available as an option, stabilizing sticks are inserted according to the programmable number of layers. The mechanism automatically adjusts to the board length to be stacked. The desired stacking height can also be preset. In addition, workpieces of different widths can be stacked in one layer. The system can also be retrofitted into existing lines. Due to the particularly economical design, the payback period of these automation components is especially short.

Reinhardt Stacking Systems for workpiece packs

To achieve maximum system performance, push-feed cross-cut systems usually process the workpieces in packs. This means that several pieces are loaded side by side and one upon another. The packs are automatically cut at once and, accordingly, also need to be stacked in packs. Suitable solutions which can be extended by options such as automatic stick placement systems, automatic pallet feeders and many more reduce labour costs and considerably optimize the material flow in the factory.

Robot System

The most flexible type of workpiece handling is the use of articulated robots. Whether equipped with vacuum heads or gripper system, PAUL offers an optimally suited solution for almost every requirement. There are almost no limits to imagination.

Vacuum Stacking/Destacking System

Vacuum gantry systems are ideally suited for the automation of the destacking/stacking operation upstream and downstream of the circular sawing machine. They work fully automatically, require very little maintenance, can be used flexibly and are capable of handling heavy loads. Even workpieces with sensitive surfaces can be processed with ease. Sticks contained in the stack can be automatically removed and bundled, if required. We configure the appropriate vacuum gantry to individual customer requirements, whether for solid wood or panel applications.

Tilt Hoist Destacking System

Tilt hoist destackers are particularly suitable for use with pre-edged and square-edged solid wood with insensitive surfaces. Sticks are automatically removed and bundled if required.

S-shaped singling device

For singling square-edged or unedged boards one can use an S-shaped singling device or an arc-shaped singling device. In addition to the singling function, the S-shaped singling device also serves as a buffer.

Alignment Aid

Hydraulically lifting alignment chains and transverse roller bars can be optionally integrated into the infeed table. This greatly simplifies the handling and alignment of heavy workpieces in the sawmill before the edger / resaw.

Automatic Panel Feeding System

Automatic panel feeding systems are primarily used for the fully automatic loading of multirip circular saws. The complete panel stacks are transferred to the system where the panels are pushed off one at a time by an automatic pusher, automatically aligned and fed into the multirip saw. Thanks to the automated workflow, manpower costs are drastically reduced.

Automatic Panel Stacking System

The strips leaving the multirip saw can be stacked fully automatically if required. Special systems eliminate the kerfs produced between the strips and offset the individual layers to increase the stability of the stack for transport.

Camera Alignment System

Special alignment systems using cameras recognize specific reference characteristics. The workpieces are automatically aligned with these references ensuring that glued-on veneer layers are ripped parallel to the longitudinal edge of laminate flooring panels

Automatic Infeed System AB920

Optimum performance combined with maximum material yield and profit maximization is the objective of an automatic feeding system. In combination with different PAUL ripsaws, it is possible to develop a suitable solution for every requirement. Especially in the sawmilling industry an automated complete solution nowadays plays an increasingly important role. With rising raw material prices and large purchase quantities of the raw material wood, it must be ensured that storage times are reduced and throughput times increased. Automatic feeding systems improve the material flow and ensure an optimum timber yield.

Infeed System AB-MA_EXT

The AB-MA_EXT was specifically designed for the optimized feeding of high-grade timber. In combination with PAUL ripsaws, these systems can be operated either fully automatically or with manual intervention. The workpieces are first measured automatically. By means of laser lines it is then indicated to the operator where cutting will be effected. If he does not agree to the cutting pattern suggested, he can easily adjust it from his seat using a joystick.

SAB Semi-Automatic Infeed system

In times of ever-increasing performance requirements and the ever-increasing demand for maximum operating convenience in the sawmill, PAUL has developed the so-called semi-automatic infeed system (SAB). The operator can feed the workpieces into the ripsaw, align and, if necessary, turn them from his seat using a joystick. This convenient mode of operation increases the performance of the system and helps maintain a high work morale in the 21st century.

Slab Cross-Cut Saw

Particularly in the production of construction timber it is sometimes necessary to rip long workpieces. This also generates long slabs which may lead to malfunctions in the residual wood disposal or further process flow. With the slab cross-cut saw specifically developed by PAUL, long slabs can already be cut to length during the ripping process thus greatly simplifying workpiece handling.

Slab Extractor

Even the most efficient machine does not help if material jams interfere with the process flow. Especially thick slabs may cause such incidents. This is the reason why we at PAUL have developed special slab extractors ensuring the trouble-free removal of slabs from our circular resaws.

Offcut Separator

The automatic separation of edged products from the waney edges will enhance the downstream processing operations. Depending on the ripping pattern, i.e. number of finished boards to be produced, we offer the appropriate handling system. If required, remaining pieces to be re-run can, of course, also be fully automatically returned to the infeed side of the ripsaw.

Sawdust shaker

The PAUL sawdust shakers are ideal for separating small splinters from sawdust. These were specifically designed for use on PAUL ripsaws, but can also be combined with other makes.

Waste Belts

PAUL offers a variety of customizable disposal belts that are suited to the machine types concerned. The disposal systems from PAUL can also be combined with machines of other brands.